Loud Music is a Gateway Drug to Failure

by Skandalism

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released March 25, 2017

Recorded at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, CA and Ryan's dad's house in Lafayette, CA

Engineered & mixed by Ryan Ellery
Mastered by James Trevascus

Album art by Katelyn Williams


Tony Two-Tone, Jeff Armstrong, Josh “Stumpy” Wilner, 924 Gilman Street (Volunteers & Rats), Liz, Mari, Alex Mehrtens, Lynsey Palmer, Dina Fields, Christina Collins, Oliver Culver, Ben Simons, Phil Eukel, Josh Candelaria, Ira Torrey, Luke Bowen, Michael Savignano, Joshy Mitchell, Alec Atienza, Alex Muth, Tuuka, Patches, Nick Fields, Charley Fine and the BLM boiz, our families and anyone we forgot. Without y’all this shitty band would have died years ago.

~ In memory of Emiliano Nevarez ~



all rights reserved


Skandalism Oakland, California

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Track Name: You & Me
Still let myself sleep in late for no damn reason
If we don't have iPhones how will we get to heaven in season
Quiet desperation and a glass of warm whiskey
Dry wall and burnt toast keep me company

You and me
Kill time slowly
You kill time like you kill me
I still recall haphazardly

I still think I'm clever but no one knows
Will you still give me money if I have holes in my clothes
Residual boredom meets apathy
Don't give it to me yet cuz now I'm happy
Track Name: Does It Taste Like Accomplishment?
I've been doing things behind the scenes
I've been doing things you've never seen
Stronger than the binds that hold between
Lost our heads split right down at the seams

Spotless dreams
Ran over bitter emotions
Don't forget
To fit right in
Keep churning together in motion

Do it and do it again
Built it straight up just to tear it apart in the end
I want you to bleed
I want you to seethe
I don't care if you don't achieve your beliefs
All this decided by someone who won't give a shit

How did I just find out this way?
I should have known
Track Name: Feelin' Good, Nice!
If it makes you feel alright
If it really makes you happy
You can tell me to fuck off
And you will never have to see me again

If it makes you feel alright
If it really makes you happy
It it makes you feel alright
If it really makes you...

Lost a friend
I know, I know the way it is sometimes
Cuz pride is cheap and walks on a fine line
Thoughts alone
Haunt me when I try to sleep at night
Who'd have known
Anxiety would be the one I'd fight

I know you hate the way I look
And hate acute self-deprecation
Talk topped in irony and blame
When I'm the person that was running from me
Track Name: Stitches (For You)
I think I owe you something
That only I can give
But the privilege of owing you is something I'm certain won't outlive
The timing of a handshake, introduced we haven't been
So hello I'm that guy, the one you knew you had to face
Let's forgive the past and lay the rest to waste
I was hoping for a handshake, just kidding

I've already been waiting for the next time
I see your ugly face
There's never been a first time
Now you wish you could erase
The stupid things you've done
So you better fucking run

You never had to sacrifice
The many things I did
But the privilege of being you is shits you had to give
So cultivate my favor
Verbosity's a bitch
"So hello I'm a motherfucker who needs to have you killed
It's not literal of course," you said
You've had your fill
Candy hearts say maybe
But I'm just standing, waiting
Track Name: Money, Please
Are you the same as you were before you tried
To make a living on top of your lies?
It's hard to explain
What happened to you
So I'll just forgive it this last time we're through

Last stand on the borderline into reality
Consequences merely amuse me
With incessant repetition significance dispels
You always have the last word, oh well

For the last time

We're either up on stage singing to our mothers
Or we're in Sam's basement wishing we were Swingin' Utters
No I won't change my sound and I'm sick of the notion
I'd rather go to Target get some Drano and some lotion

Nevermind the things I said before
Fuck off, convictions are a chore
Made a promise to myself yesterday
The more sober I get, the more it slips away
Tell me my friend how'd you get your record deal
Low-fat meals, sex appeal, sacrificing your ideals
Discreet operations semi-well-rehearsed
It's easy to be catchy with a syncopated verse
Track Name: Fish 2 Fry
It's still raining hard outside
So I'll indulge my daily crime
Might as well, I'm bored and dry
In this life

My only friends are those that fly
And I still feed them on the by
I've got no bigger fish to fry
In this life

Love my life, 25
Useless living
Til I die

I can't stop this, wait
No, you can't relate
Waste it all away
Til I'm 28
I can't stop this, wait